A Good Day


A Good Day – by D.L. McCleary

Lieutenant Colonel David “Deuce” Wilcox’s last mission began the same as any other, until a fierce battle in the badlands of Afghanistan left him badly wounded. Awakening in a hospital in Germany, Deuce realizes his life is about to change in ways he never imagined. While healing from his wounds, his wife Isabel, the love of his life, joins him in Germany. Now a civilian, he begins running a very successful black ops organization, funded by back channels of the U.S. Government.

Isabel begins exploring a world of sexual explosion, wealth, and privilege, funded by the new direction her husband is taking. Drawn by sheer stimulation and sexual energy, she begins to visit exclusive BDSM clubs. Eager to move from voyeur to participant, she must find a way to convince Deuce to accept this new and exciting chapter in her life, but how can she convince Deuce this is the correct path for them both?

Deuce will have to figure out how to handle an international black ops firm during the upcoming war, all while trying to understand his wife’s new and exciting sexual desires. To succeed, he will have to re-invent himself throughout this thrilling and sexually explicit story.

About D.L. McCleary

D.L. McCleary is a freshman author who writes erotic and BDSM based military fiction. D.L. lives with his wife in the northern Maryland area. Although he was never in the military, the action scenes as part of the military fiction are breathtaking and the BDSM scenes are true to life.

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